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Indulge Entertainment is Ottawa's Premiere Male Exotic Dancer Service.

Indulge is now the longest established, most reputable strip-o-gram business in CANADA, with over 20 years of experience.


We have done shows for people from all walks of life, and all professions including:

  • Lawyers                                           
  • Doctors
  • Law Enforcement
  • All levels of Government Employees
  • Political Figures (Yes! Them too!)
  • All levels of Military

We can, and have, gone to almost any APPROVED location to perform our shows.  Prices may vary if location requires excess travel time and/or is out of town.

Indulge dancers are upscale, handsome, sexy and physically fit.  They are true PROFESSIONALS who deliver the most quality and TASTEFULLY provocative shows for ladies who want class "A" talent for their Girl's Night Out, Pamper Party, Birthday Bash, Bachelorette Party, Divorce Party, or Corporate event.

If you want the 'Full Monty' it can be accommodated, if it's a more reserved party, we go only as far as desired.  Performances can be adjusted to each client's individual needs and our goal is to provide complete COMFORTABILITY.

With the popularity and growing acceptance of hiring exotic dancers, it would be a wise choice to go with a reputable, experienced business so your party can be the success you want it to be.

Elite Professional Male Exotic Dancers Serving Ottawa & Montreal

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 Located in Ottawa, Canada

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