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How Does a Strip-O-Gram Work?

The basic show involves a dancer arriving at the agreed upon location/time with the agreed upon 'Fantasy Look', which is included in the price. The average show will last approximately 20-30 minutes from beginning to end. Longer or shorter shows can be arranged if required.

The dancer can bring their own music or can use the music provided by the host. This can be decided at time of booking.  The dancer will focus entirely on the main client for the duration of the show, however, if requested, the dancer can stay after the main show is completed in order to let others have a 'one-on-one' dance performance. The 'one-on-one' dance is for the length of one song, at an extra charge of $20 per song/per person. This is the time for others at the party to "indulge" a bit for themselves! 

Tipping is NEVER required, but is ALWAYS appreciated! The dancers see tips as positive feedback on the service they are providing and it motivates them to be as sexy and entertaining as they can be...or as much as the ladies can handle!


Fantasy Options


$200 - 1 Male performer for approximately 30 minutes.


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